2009 Goals

2009 GoalsRunning
I am going to stick with the goal of running 1000 miles for the year. I will try to pad the mileage early in the year to help with any unforeseen injuries. That will be 83.3 miles a month, or 19.2 miles a week. I am still running lower mileage right now because of injury, but I am getting much better and itching to get back up to some longer runs.

I would like to run at least 2 half marathons this year and 1 marathon.

I also want to set a 5K PR. I have a race coming up next week that I might actually be able to make a shot for the PR. Though I have not been running as many miles, I have been working on my endurance and lactate threshold. I believe I am much more capable of pushing my body further than I have before. The only thing that may hold me back is the fact that I just have not been able to put the miles in the last several weeks.

This is also going to be the same as last year. While I am pleased that I averaged almost 800 pages a month last year, the goal was not to average that. Rather, it was to read consistently. With some months going well over 1000 pages and one month under 300, I did not really achieve the spirit of the goal. I don’t mind reading more than the 800 pages a month, but I am making the goal to not go under 800 pages in a month.

I don’t really have a blogging goal that I want to define for the whole year. I will work with that on a month to month basis. I want to be consistent. I may do a few months where I blog every day like I did in November.

I have some personal goals for the year that I am still defining, but probably won’t share here.

I also have some mini-goals that I want to work on. I have gained about 10 pounds since coming home to the US. Part of that is definitely muscle mass. I have been visiting the gym consistently over the last 6 weeks. But, all in all, I am up about 15 pounds from where I would like to be. It should not take me all year to get 15 pounds off. If I work hard I can do it within 3 months. I just have to stop snacking so much.

There’s my goals for 2009. Now time to sit down and make them happen. They won’t happen over night since they are long term goals. Just like a marathon, I have to plug away at it one step at a time.

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