December Goals Report

Before I announce my goals for 2009, which will seem quite familiar, I want to wrap up 2008.

I ended the month with very little mileage. This was due to an injury to my foot in November. I only logged 19.6 miles for the month. That brought me to a yearly total of 883 miles. The goal was to reach 1000 miles. I missed it by 117 miles. I ran the whole year as if I would not have an injury. The plan was to run consistently to the end.

While I did not make my goal of 1000 miles, I did run 262 miles further than I did in 2007.

My best running month for 2008 was September in which I ran 104 miles.

I finished my reading for the year very strong. I read 1005 pages for a total of 9533 pages for the year. Though my goal was to read 800 pages a month and not necessarily average 800 pages, I still averaged 794. That is pretty close.

My best reading month for 2008 was January in which I read 1345 pages.

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