My Thought Spot 25: Geocaching

This last week I started playing a new game called geocaching. I explained it in an earlier post. This episode is a recording of a recent geocaching trip where I explain a little bit about the game and take you on a sound seeing trip to find a cache.

Show notes:


4 thoughts on “My Thought Spot 25: Geocaching”

  1. I looked at the Geocahing site after reading your previous posts and found that there are about a dozen caches within 5 miles of the house. The closest one is just a mile away. I think I’ll take the family to see one or two.

  2. Congratulations on the new game – geocaching. And welcome to the addiction. I listened to you podcast and really enjoyed the find.

    Our blog is all about geocaching and even has a log book for visitors to sign. Stop by and say hello. BTW, I subscribed to your feed and look forward to the next geocaching trip. The podcast is a great idea!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and listening. The podcast is all over the place as far as subject matter goes. I would be glad to have you as a listener, but it isn’t always about geocaching.

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