Thanksgiving and Geocaching

Today we went over to Newton’s house for Thanksgiving. I don’t use names a lot here, so you probably won’t know that Newt and family are our closest friends. You know, the kind you sit around talking with until 2:00 in the morning for no particular reason. Just to be together.

My parents were there too, along with a total of 23 people. It is tradition that we usually spend one or both holidays with Newt and family when we are in town. It looks like this year we will be spending Christmas with them as well.

We had a good time and ate too much.

After everyone left Newt and I went out to find our first geocache. Geocaching is a worldwide scavenger hunt. You look up on the website where people have hidden a small cache to be found. Then you traipse out into the wild to find it. I have read about the game for several years, but have never participated. Today seemed like a good day to start.

We went out first to find one near the house, but we did not get an early start. By the time we got there, it was already dark. We looked, but was not totally convinced we were in the right spot, nor real sure what we were looking for. So we gave up and went back home to the computer to see what we might have missed.

Not to be dissuaded though, we searched for another one nearby and headed out again. This time we found the cache and were able to sign the log book. The cache was damaged and we played good Samaritans and repaired it mostly to be as good as new.

Now it is time to search for other caches and really get into this game. It is something fun to do in new locations. With our traveling, this could be a fun way to explore the towns we are in.

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