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Over the last month we have been on the road traveling. When we travel we usually hit thrift stores along the way. Each one has its own flavor. Here are experiences at 3 stores that we got to on this trip.

The Dump
The Goodwill Outlet in Indianapolis, Indiana was a unique experience. They haul out big bins (4 to 8 at a time) which have various items usually loosely grouped with other similar items: i.e., housewares, clothing, books, shoes. No one is allowed to touch the items until all of the bins in that section are moved into place. Once the final one arrives the crowd of 40+ people start digging through the items like a 90% off sale the Friday after Thanksgiving.

We got a few items of interest there. The coolest item was a suitcase which we really needed. We are still in search of at least one more. We also walked away with several books and some kitchen items that we needed in our new house.

The best part about the outlet store, known to the family as “The Dump,” is you pay by the pound. We combined our haul with my sister-in-law’s and got a price break for going over 50 pounds of loot.

The Potter’s House
We were told by a facebook friend that The Potter’s House was a great thrift store, so we made the 30 minute drive to Winder, Gerogia yesterday to check it out. While we did not find a whole lot of stuff that interested us, the prices were great.

I found a nice long-sleeved blue shirt that I liked. In the process of digging through all the shirts I put my new find on the end of the rack. When I got to the end (where I had placed my shirt) I found a really nice long-sleeved blue shirt. I was really excited that I found two nice shirts. They were identical too. Then I realized I found the same shirt twice. I really must get back on my medication.

Happy Acres
Before we left the Atlanta area today we had to check out a place called Happy Acres. It is only available to missionaries, but they have a free clothing closet as well as some very nice apartments where we can stay when passing through. I found a whole rack of pants exactly my size in my favorite style and brand. There were probably 10 or more pairs of pants for me. I could not bring myself to wipe them out, but I did take 4 pair. They are in great shape and would have cost me well over $100 to buy them new in the store. All free of charge.

Thrift stores are great. Sometimes you have to dig through a lot of junk to get something useful, but when you find what you need you can save a ton of money. If it were not for thrift stores we would not have the nice clothes that we are able to wear.

Our thanks to everyone who donates their used, but good, items to thrift stores. Maybe the next time you see me I will be wearing your old shirt or shoes.

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  1. “They were identical too. Then I realized I found the same shirt twice. I really must get back on my medication.”

    You just KNOW what you like 😉

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