Tribute to John Williams

Have you seen the Star Wars song on YouTube? It is quite popular this week. I wanted to point out a couple of interesting things about it.

I first saw it when it had been viewed 300,000 times. Just a couple of hours later it was up to 450,000 views. Now, a day later, it has been viewed more than 1,000,000 times! Quite the craze.

Being the curious type about these things, I had to learn more about it. I clicked the link to the lyrics which led me to the main page of MooseButter a capella comedy group. The song is called Star Wars and was first performed in 1999. In the video the artist, Corey Vidal, is shown singing all the parts. Actually, he is just lip syncing the MooseButter group. Very well I might add.

Enjoy the video!

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