Missionary Talks getting back on track

I have been very excited about grabbing some new interviews for Missionary Talks recently. I just need to get them edited and up on the site.

I talked with one couple today who are missionaries to the Philippines. That interview will be difficult to edit, but it will probably be the next one I upload. If nothing else, it will be a short one. We only talked about 16 minutes and I already know a couple of minutes worth of stuff will be tossed out.

Yesterday I was able to get an interview with a missionary in Mexico. He is a missionary kid (MK) and has now been back on the field for several years. Since my last interview was also with a missionary to Mexico, I thought I would put the couple to the Philippines first.

I would be working on the editing of those interviews right now, but I left my USB cable at home. I have had to borrow a cable from different people to get my sound files transfered from my recorder to the computer. I will be going home tomorrow where I have at least 3 of those cables. I will try not to forget one in the future.

Next week I have a goal to grab 4 interviews. I will be in a conference with some good friends and should be able to corner them for a few minutes to get some recording done.

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