Catching up to the pace bunny

In my goal to run 1000 miles this year, I have joined a group at Running Ahead. There is a tool where I am able to track my miles in comparison to a pace bunny. That bunny advances every few hours telling us where we are supposed to be in relation to the progression of the year.

Today I ran 12 miles which put me within 10 miles of catching up to the bunny. If I can stay healthy, then I should easily be able to finish my 1000 mile goal in time. I may even blow past it by a good number.

The 12 miles I ran today were on trails at a park. Some of the trails were on asphalt, but more than half of it I was running on horse trails through beautiful woods and hills. I could tell they were horse trails because of the evidence that horses leave behind.

When I got home and pulled off my socks it was fun to see where the socks ended and the dirt began. I had an instant tan. Even though my tan went away once I stepped into the shower, I also felt better.

A journey of 1000 miles is completed just a few miles at a time.

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