September Goals Report

The goal is to run 1000 miles this year. I have accomplished 723.5. The month of September was my biggest month so far with 104 miles logged. I am needing to run a bit over 90 miles each month for the next 3 months to make the goal. It should be very do-able. I did these 100 miles in 12 runs. That is probably the least number of runs in a month all year, but there were 2 runs of 20 miles each.

I rode my bike quite a bit this month too. Getting the new road bike and being home more often really helped with that. I put 55 miles on my bike.

My reading has not gone as well as planned, but I am still hitting the books and pulling in content. If I knew a way to quantify my on-line reading, then my number of pages would go through the roof. I read 645 pages in 6 books. The only one of real interest is Metal Cowboy. I just started that this week and am really enjoying it. I plan to write a review of it soon. I read a book about Eric Liddell (the Chariots of Fire guy) and am reading another one about him. I plan to do a Missionary Talks episode about his life.

Just plugging away. Next month will be my marathon. I also will be away from home most of the month. My bike riding numbers will be almost nothing while my running and reading should get better.

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