August Goals Report

I ran 76.6 miles in August. I only ran 12 days this month. This is caused by my training plan only having me run 3 days a week. That means I did not run 19 days during the month. I did not run at all during the last 6 days of the month. We were moving and fighting a hurricane. That slowed down my running for the week. I am about 40 miles behind for the year.

I did some really good long bike rides. 100 miles for the month.

I am not sure what happened this month, but it is a testament to why I need a goal to keep me on track. I only read 263 pages (goal is 800 pages). I read mostly from the book One Candle to Burn by Kay Washer. I wanted to do a full write up on this book, but will just sum it up here.

The book was about a missionary family in Africa. They were in Niger and Togo. I know one of their sons and therefore was very interested in reading the book.

I love biographies. I often do not like autobiographies because they tend to ramble with too many needless details. This book did a great job of staying on track and giving a good outline of the story without too much rabbit chasing. That was true for most of the book. But the last 3 to 5 chapters were everything I dislike about autobiographies. In general it was a good book, but the last few chapters could have really been shortened and tightened up.

I read from a few other works, but that was the only one I finished.

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