Week 10

This report is late, but it will be short and to the point.

Week 9

Supposed to be a 2 mile easy run. I did 3.1 easy.

7 miles with 5 miles of tempo. I did not run at all.

18 mile long run. That was run, finally, on Tuesday of the next week (today). It was a 14.4 mile run in the rain following hurricane Gustav. Winds were constant at 15 MPH with higher gusts. Rain was off and on. I started cramping pretty badly in my right leg. I decided it was better to call off the run and live to run another day than to sacrifice my training just to get this in.

After I walked around a bit waiting for my ride to pick me up I started feeling better. I probably could have finished the run if I had given myself more time. I am disappointed now that I cut the run short. The post hurricane weather did not help any.


Week 10
: 2 miles easy.

Wednesday: 8 miles of 4X1600 meter intervals at 8:17 pace. Yikes! That is fast. With 800 meter recovery jogs.

Saturday: 20 miles at 10:19 pace.

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