On the Road!

We finally got everything packed up. Been working on it slowly for a couple of weeks and then my wife started beating me the last 3 days or so to get my part done. We were up until 2:00 this morning getting the final things packed and loaded. We are moving back to the US for 1 year.

Today we were able to get out of town a bit before noon (but had to be up by 6:30 to do so) and traveled 7 hours to the city of Villahermosa. We have been here many times and have not found a hotel we are totally cool with in a price range we like. Today, since we got here a bit early, we drove around until we found the hotel area and found a nice place. Parking the Suburban and trailer were a challenge. They have a very small parking lot, but we were able to get them in.

We are taking one of our hamsters and our bunny. They have survived so far, but this is a big trip for both of them. We hope they do well.

Two more days to get out of Mexico and then two days to get to Pensacola.

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