Week 9

Week 8

I ran my Monday run on Tuesday since I ran my previous long run on Sunday. I did not do well this week on getting my mileage done. Was supposed to run 6 miles and only ran 5.78 in 10:40 per mile.

The Wednesday 6 mile run was done on Thursday and was only 4.46 miles at 10:36 pace.

This was a fun run. I knew it would not meet my mileage goal for the week, but I wanted to do this run anyway. It is a run I have been wanting to do for a long time and figured that today needed to be the day if I was ever going to do it.

Today I became a Dump Runner. There is a story behind the Dump Runners Club which I won’t go into here, but to be a part of the club you have to run to your local dump or public works facility.

I rode my bike 7.5 miles to a gas station that was a little over a mile from the dump. I asked the gas station attendants if they would please watch my bike for me while I went out for a bit of a run. This was funny to them because we were on the edge of town to begin with. They laughed and made jokes about taking my bike or selling it. I just laughed and took off towards the dump.

When I got to the dump I had trouble convincing the guard at the front door that I just wanted to take a picture. I was able to win him over when I told him it was a joke for a friend. I am not sure what he had in there to have to guard from cameras.

Total run was 3.18 at 10:23 pace.

I made it back to my bike and bought a drink at the convenience store at the gas station. I gave the change to the gas station attendants (about 75 cents) for watching my bike. When I jumped on my bike the chain seized up. The front derailer was bent. I ended up having to completely bend the derailer completely out of the way. When I get back in a year to my bike I will have to replace that.

I rode the bike on a return route that was a bit longer at 7.9 miles.

Goal mileage for the week was 17 and I didn’t quite make 14 miles.

Biking: I only rode 2 days this week but rode 31.4 miles. This is a weekly high for me.

Week 9
Monday: 2 miles at 10:26 pace.

Wednesday: 7 miles. That includes 5 miles at a tempo pace of 8:56. That will be run either in the state of Tabasco or Veracruz on our way to the border.

Saturday:18 mile long run at 10:19 pace. This one will be tough to get in on Saturday. We will be traveling that day. It will be the 5th straight travel day of a 5 day trip. I may have to push the long run to Sunday night if I feel comfortable with a route to run in the evening.

4 thoughts on “Week 9”

  1. Good run/cycling week. Looks like your having a good time running to the dump. Ran 18 myself this morning. My body just started to break down when I got into new mileage, though. Biggest fear is Mountain Lions at 5am in the dark.

    1. I try to stay away from the mountain lions.

      I will venture into new territory next week with my 18 mile run too. I have done well so far on my longer runs. But I have less fear about this 18 miler than I had last week with 16 miles. 16 just seemed like an important distance. I feel the same about 20.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

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