July Goals Report

I ran 65.4 miles during the month of July. This was a low month again, but it is picking up quickly. August should be just over 90 miles for the month. Marathon training has a way of doing that to you. I am 35 miles behind my goal for the year and have run 563 miles for 2008. I would like to be ahead of the goal, but I am also trying not to over train for this first marathon. I really feel like I could run more without endangering my training, but I just don’t want to push it.

I have also started biking much more. I am incorporating that into my exercise week at least twice and sometimes three times a week.

I am not sure what happened to my reading log this last month. My records say that I only read 582 pages in 4 books. I am convinced I read at least one more book, but I cannot figure out what I read. I picked up some pretty easy reading books this last month and tore through them in a couple of days. Until I figure out what other book or books I might have read, I am sticking to what my log says.

I re-read Ultramarathon Man which I reviewed once before. I also read Re-Entry, which I wrote a post about during this last month. I started a book in July that I am going to finish soon. I plan to write a full review on that one as well. It is a missionary biography which I am very much enjoying.

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  1. I was thinking the other day about the Indianapolis Marathon and the Half Marathon because some old friends are thinking about running it. I ran the half last year when I lived in Indiana as part of my club’s running circuit. You can read my review, but I think the most important thing I can say about the course is to make sure you hit some hills! The first half is a little hilly but the second half of the marathon is a nice flat out and back. You have picked a pretty scenic race, wish I was still in Indiana so we could meet and I could cheer you on! Good luck as your training continues!

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