Super Size Me

Tim at the 2Big blog is giving away a download of the Super Size Me movie. I saw this movie last year and found it very thought provoking. I don’t know if I agree with all of the author/producer’s conclusions, but I certainly agreed with a lot of them.

There has been one thing that has kept me from writing about the movie and recommending it in any way. The gratuitous cursing is off putting. Someone who is not educated enough to use courteous speech in a movie that is trying to promote his political agenda loses credibility with me.

I like the idea of an independent film maker being able to seriously promote his cause, but I doubt there will be long term mass appeal for the movie. It certainly won’t be something you want to pull out and watch with the grand kids. And I hope they are not showing it in schools. I know kids see movies with worse language and lots of violence, but it in unnecessary.

If you want to enter yourself to win the download of the movie head on over to Tim’s blog and leave a comment or twitter about the contest. You will earn yourself a chance to download Super Size Me. While you are there check out Tim’s story of his total body transformation. His journey and mine are very similar.

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