Waiting for a bunny

Today we have spent a typical day waiting on other people. This is not at all unusual but it is a rather frustrating part of life here in Mexico.

I got a good deal on a rabbit cage this weekend at a yard sale. We have casually talked about having a pet rabbit for quite some time. When the cage fell into our laps, we figured there was no better time than the present to get the bunny. I got a recommendation from a friend on a reliable vet who might be able to help us with acquiring a bunny for cheaper than a pet store wants to sell them.

I called the vet yesterday afternoon to see what he could track down. He called me back in an hour telling me he had found a rabbit that fit our criteria. We decided the price, for the type of rabbit, was the best we could get and we had the confidence of knowing that the vet was helping us pick out a good one.

The rabbit was to be at his clinic (30 minutes from our house) by 12:00 today. We waited until 12:30 to go get the bunny. When we arrived at 1:00 the vet was calling the bunny farmer to see when the rabbit would arrive. We were told 4:00. That meant a 30 minute drive home and then another hour long round trip drive to get the bunny at 4:00. Fortunately, some things work differently and better here (just some). Everyone delivers and makes house calls. The vet volunteered to bring the rabbit to us at 4:00, or as soon after 4:00 as he could.

At 6:30 I called the vet to find out if he was bringing the rabbit today. He still had not gotten it from the farmer. He has not even been able to get a hold of the farmer since we were at his shop at 1:00. The vet asked if we had plans to go out tonight. I told him I did not, but that I had already spent several hours waiting at home just so he could bring the bunny. I was not pleased.

He will bring the rabbit by later tonight if he gets it. Or maybe tomorrow. Or…

I have decided to call the vet in the morning and tell him to let the farmer know he can kiss his $35 goodbye if I don’t have the rabbit by 1:00. I cannot waste another day on this. I do have other things to do with my time that does not include sitting at home waiting for a rabbit.

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  1. I called the bunny reusce lady this morning and shes going to keep her eyes open for another neutered male bunny who needs a new home..Sadly many people get bunnies for their little children at Easter without knowing much about bunnies. Bunnies are strong willed usually dont like to be picked up and will often scratch when picked up.

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