March Goals Report

Running 1000 miles for the year
I ran 18 days out of the month, which means I did not run 13. Only one time did I take 3 days in a row off. I was able to stick to my plan to not run more than 3 days in a row.

I ran a total of 85.1 miles for the month.

For the year I am at 248.5 miles and have run 52 out of 91 days this year. That puts me 1.5 miles behind where I need to be for the year. That will be pretty easy to make up.

Reading 800 pages a month
I read 855 pages this month. Not too much over the goal, but I did make it this month.

I read from 6 books. Besides the Bible I read Talking with Catholic Friends and Family, The Trumpet of the Swan, Passages: Darien’s Rise. I started The Art of Deception and read some more on D Day.

April should be pretty easy to stay on track. I will be home the whole month so it will just be a matter of staying consistent.

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