I got tagged by PlaneT3rry to give 7 little known facts about myself.


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I am not much for  passing along these kinds of things, but I don’t mind playing along for myself. So, I will be breaking rule 4 and not tagging anyone.

1. I am an amateur radio operator–KU4LL.

2. I have only had 2 girlfriends. The second one I married and the first one and I are still on speaking terms.

3. I used to insist on being in bed by 9:00 so I could be the first person up every day. Now I go to bed last and am still the first person up.

4. I enjoy public speaking and feel like I could speak extemporaneously on just about any subject to any audience. It probably isn’t true, but I love public speaking so much that I would give it a try.

5. I graduated 6th in my high school class…of 6. Didn’t do so well in college either.

6. I play classical guitar. Not very well, but I play.

7. I am great at keeping secrets. My ability stems from the fact that I forget most things that people tell me. If you want my wife to know something you should tell her yourself. If you depend on me to tell her then the message will probably never arrive.

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