Uncomfortable breakfast

Last Wednesday morning I had breakfast with a group of men from the missions conference I was in. This conference was held at the church which is connected to the college I attended. One of the men at breakfast happened to be the man who told me I had to withdraw from my college classes 18 years ago because I could not pay my bill. I am not sure what his job title was, but he was the man who had to put the screws to the students when they did not pay.

At this breakfast table there was another missionary who did not know this man. He asked the man what his job in the college was. The older man smiled at me and said “Mr. Peach can tell you what I do.”

You have to understand that he was not being unkind. He and I have a pretty good relationship today. But, to counter his comment I replied with, “He is the person who kicks you out of school when you can’t pay your bill.”

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