Waving to a blind lady

The reason we made the wild trip to the US is we are in a conference this week. It is a conference we really wanted to attend and the next time they will hold it is in 2 years…just after we return to Mexico for our next term.

Yesterday morning I was asked to speak in a Sunday School class. As I got up to speak a lady waved at me. I thought it was odd, but I waved back. I know it looked strange, but I did not want her to feel awkward for having waved and me not respond with something. I was just doing a short presentation of our ministry and was quickly done and back at my seat. It was then that I remembered who the lady was. She is a blind lady whom we have known for some number of years. She has put on a little weight and therefore I did not recognize her right off.

I started laughing when I remembered who she was. I had been concerned about her waving and me not responding which could make her feel awkward. I was the one who felt awkward then as everyone in the class probably knows her and that there was no need for me to respond with a wave.

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