Goals updates

I have been very busy this week and have not really had a lot of time to write. But, even though I have been busy, I have not run across much to write about. Therefore, you get to read about how my goals for 2008 are progressing along.

My goal is to run 1000 miles this year. I have currently run 40 miles. That is a bit ahead of schedule, but not much. I need to run 19.3 miles a week. By Monday of this week (1-14) I need to have completed just 38.6. Being ahead of the goal is never bad. I have been able to run pretty consistently and have not missed a single planned run in the last several weeks. I am in just a maintenance mode right now. I am not training for anything specific. While running with my friend Jeff, we are running much faster than I would normally run alone. This has been good to help me with some tempo type running.

I am attempting to read 800 pages a month this year. I have not decided yet if I will make this a month to month goal, or a year goal. If it is month to month then I will not carry over any extra pages that I read in one month to pad the following month. If it is a goal to read 9,600 pages (12 X 800 pages) in a year, then I could carry over extra pages.

Currently I have read about 450 pages. That will translate out to over 1,100 pages by the end of the month if I keep up this pace.

I am excited about both goals for the year. I just hope that excitement stays with me long enough to make it a commitment that I will absolutely stick to. Writing about it here and sharing it with you really helps.

How are your goals going for the year?

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