My Thought Spot 20: Catching Up

I have not put out a regular episode of MTS in a while. This will help catch up on the posts, though I don’t try to get completely caught up. I did add the audio from The Child’s Story that I recorded previously. This is tacked on to the end. If you have already heard it, it will be easy to skip.

Show Notes:


2 thoughts on “My Thought Spot 20: Catching Up”

  1. Good, I need to catch up… I am SO far behind on blogs it’s not funny. I have this in my “First Read” tag in google reader, I’ve forgotten most of the stuff already, so this is a good reminder.

  2. I am having problems catching up too. My RSS reader crashed and I lost all my subscriptions. Fortunately I had somewhat recently dumped my OPML file over to Google Reader. So I exported from there and am trying to rebuild and catch up too.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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