New Running Goals

I settled on a goal of 600 miles for the year which meant I only needed to do 15 miles a week. The first week went well and the second week did not. But, I am not going to fall short. In fact, I am upping the goal. How about 1000? No, not 1000 miles, but 1000 kilometers. That would be 621 miles.

Though I fell a bit behind, I have a new running partner. He is a new runner and is only able to run between 2 and 3 miles at a time right now. I run 1.6 miles to his house and then we run together. I return home for a total run of 5.5 to 6.5 miles each run. We are running 3 days a week right now which should give me at least 18 miles if I make sure to tack a little extra in when I can. According to my running log, if I can keep up this pace and mileage (all helped if I find an extra weekend race) I am right on track to hit 620 miles by the end of the year.

The goal of 600 was looking a bit too easy for me and I knew I would not have to push myself too hard. But this goal of 1000 kilometers will make the rest of the year just a bit more interesting.

Happy running!

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