New Running Goals

I settled on a goal of 600 miles for the year which meant I only needed to do 15 miles a week. The first week went well and the second week did not. But, I am not going to fall short. In fact, I am upping the goal. How about 1000? No, not 1000 miles, but 1000 kilometers. That would be 621 miles.

Though I fell a bit behind, I have a new running partner. He is a new runner and is only able to run between 2 and 3 miles at a time right now. I run 1.6 miles to his house and then we run together. I return home for a total run of 5.5 to 6.5 miles each run. We are running 3 days a week right now which should give me at least 18 miles if I make sure to tack a little extra in when I can. According to my running log, if I can keep up this pace and mileage (all helped if I find an extra weekend race) I am right on track to hit 620 miles by the end of the year.

The goal of 600 was looking a bit too easy for me and I knew I would not have to push myself too hard. But this goal of 1000 kilometers will make the rest of the year just a bit more interesting.

Happy running!

Last run til Saturday

Yesterday morning I made my final run getting ready for my half marathon this weekend. I had run 12 miles last Saturday and then was supposed to run 4 miles on Monday and Tuesday. I ran about 2.5 on Monday and 4 on Tuesday. My schedule calls for no more running until the 13.1 mile distance this coming Saturday.

Right now I have a goal of 2:17 (hours:minutes). Last year I ran it in 2:39 and the half I ran previous to that was 2:29. I felt great and invincible last year and therefore did not take in any food while on my run. That came back to kill me in the final 4 miles of the race. I will stick to my fueling plan much more closely this time, no matter how good I feel.

My training has gone very well this year. Early on I was able to get in some good speed work and long tempo runs. The last couple of weeks have not gone as well, but I have still been getting the mileage in that I need from week to week, and I did not have to cut any long runs short this year. I plan on getting plenty of rest over the next couple of days.

This is the first time to run this distance with an actual time goal. In my first half marathon my only goal was to finish. The second time I just planned to beat the previous attempt (which I failed at). This time I have a specific time and pace planned. I will watch my mile splits and see if  I can run a consistent 10:27 per mile. I often start off much faster and finish slower.