Fair at Xmatkuil

Family photoWe went to the fair this afternoon. It is the state fair and lasts for 3+ weeks. We have been able to go to it every year since we have been here. That makes this our 4th time. While many of our friends despise the fair, we enjoy a few particular things there. This is the last week, so we had to get the 45 minute trip to the fairgrounds in today.

One of the things we like to do is ride some of the rides. Or, at least our children enjoy them. My wife and I are fans of big rides. These at the fair are quite tame for us. Our daughter is just three years old, so she is not into the thrill rides yet. She is perfectly happy on a merry go round or a train that just goes in circles. Our son’s tastes have matured over the years. This year he asked to be able to ride a roller coaster. He previously decided that he was not a roller coaster kind of person.

I like roaming around in the area where they sell trinkets. Not that we ever buy anything, but it is fun to see what kind of junk they are selling. We did get a cool “old time-y” picture done one year. I really wanted to do another one of those this year, but I never saw the man that does them.Coaster ride

We then wondered around in the hand crafts area along with the area for small animals. Our daughter was thrilled to see the chicks and ducks. Kids are so easy to entertain at this age.

We can remember each of our trips to the fair based on the mobility of our daughter. First trip she was just 6 months old. We carried her and pushed her in a stroller. The second trip she was still small enough to carry most of the time and she walked some. Last year she was on a leash, but walked on her own. This year she ran around like she owned the place. She was still bouncing of the walls when we left after 3.5 hours of playing around.

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  1. We were on a roller coaster. He loved it. He claims that picture was taken during the first part of the ride where he hadn’t relaxed yet. I don’t think he ever relaxed.

  2. Well, if you are here during the amusement park season, we will have to get down to Holiday World…great little amusement park in southern Indiana. We love that place.

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