Back in the routine

Today I went back to my exercise class. I have been out of it for a couple of months while training for my half marathon. Looking back on it now, I think I should have continued to go one day a week. It would have meant doing some kind of hard exercise 5-6 days a week, but I think it would have helped me keep my core strength up. By the end of all the running I felt a bit under toned/developed. I tried to keep up a weight lifting routine to supplement the running, but I just was not disciplined enough.

I remember saying this same thing last year. That is why I worked harder at the weights this time around. But, alas, I still did not keep it up like I should have. I just hope I don’t end up as sore as I did last year.

3 thoughts on “Back in the routine”

  1. My “Tae-Bo” class is really only 2 days of Tae-Bo a week. The third day is step aerobics. In the class we spend 30-40 minutes on the main thing and then another 20-40 minutes on Pilates and ab work.

    I can always tell when I have been going to class regularly. I really feel strong all over. If I just run I lose that firm upper body feeling. I may not actually be strong, but I feel that way.

  2. Well, I was still sore.

    I don’t think it was as bad as last year though. I can’t believe how many ab muscles it takes to lay down and get up from bed/hammock.

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