Sore. Ouch!

Wednesday I returned to exercise class (Tae-Bo). I have not been since the end of June when I ramped up my running to 4 days a week to prepare for the Phedippidations Half Marathon. Though I normally don’t like Wednesdays at class because we work on just the legs, I thought it would be fun to go in with all the extra strength I now have. Class went well. I worked hard and strong.

Yesterday (Thursday) my calves were a bit sore, but I did a 4 mile run anyway. Did it in good time considering that I was just going out for a casual run. Just under an 11 min. per mile pace. Then I stretched a bit and jumped into the pool. Normal procedure for me. It is great having a pool where I can cool off and rinse my clothes, which I then just toss onto the clothes line. The rest of the day was spent working on my master’s class (video) and doing computer work. I knew I was getting stiff, so I stretched every chance I got.

Today I skipped going back to class. I was so sore this morning. It took a while to get down the stairs. I have been massaging my legs and putting on muscle cream, but they still hurt. Needing to get out and give them a good stretch, we went to a park to take a nice long walk. We had a good time and my daughter wanted to do some running. So I ran at a nice slow 2 year old pace. Probably close to 45 min. per mile. Then my son (8 years old) challenged me to a couple of sprint races. Of course I had to beat him. After that I gave the legs some good slow stretches.

All seemed to be going well until the twitching started. Youch!! Throughout the morning and early afternoon so far I have had just an occasional twitch in the right calf that gets my attention each time it wants to let itself be known.

We will see in the morning, but I think my 6 mile plan for tomorrow will probably end up being just a nice brisk walk.

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