Astronomy news and reviews is a website that has astronomy equipment reviews as well as a classified section where people can list their un-needed equipment for sale. Their main page is a jumping off point to get into the meat of the site.

Their news section is full of current news. The latest story (at this time) is a story about the total lunar eclipse that happened last night? Did you see it? My wife woke me up at 4:45 to show me the view. There was just a sliver of the moon showing brightly. The rest you could still see, but was grayed out.

In the reviews section of the site they have digital camera reviews showing how to get better pictures from certain cameras through your telescope. There are also reviews for different astronomy equipment.

Don’t forget to check out their classifieds section. They have almost 1000 items listed for sale. There are not too many items available in their auctions section though.

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