A couple of months back I gave a list of podcasts that I broke down into 5 Podcast Categories. That posting was inspired by a group writing project that was being sponsored by Darren at ProBlogger.net. It garnered a lot of links back to My Thought Spot. So much so that my Google page ranking went from 2 to 4. For those who may not understand that, it basically means that Google now sees MTS as an important website when returning search results. If you do a search for something that I have blogged, I am more likely to show up towards the top of all the search results.

This month Darren is hosting another writing project that has the theme of blogging tips. This will probably generate a lot of links back to My Thought Spot. This is a good thing since Google ranking is based on the links you have coming into your blog. Those links can be external coming in, or internal links to your own pages.

With group writing projects you are able to get a good number of incoming links. If these links come from other highly ranked blogs, that adds authority in the algorithm which can bode very well for you.

Therefore, the two main factors to rising in Google rankings is to have many links coming into your blog and then have those links be from highly ranked sites.

There are many other factors as well, but those are the two big ones.

One thing I have seen that shows a lack of understanding in how the web works is that I have read many pages that talk about people or websites, but do not give links to those sites. A link to the main page is all it takes, though a link to a specific post or page at the linked site is always more preferable (also if they have trackbacks/pingbacks turned on, you will get a link back to your site just for deep linking to a specific post.)

Get out there and link to other sites and spread the joy of helping others move up in the rankings. They may return the favor by linking back to you. If not, someone else will.

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