New search tool and theme update

I just spent some time getting a new search box running on the site here. Now I am using Google to handle the searches. With this you are also able to search the web, not just my site. I don’t have it working completely the way I want, but I am getting closer.

As a result of this, I have had a wonderful side benefit. The theme that I have used and modified for the site was a nice theme, but poorly coded. What made it poorly coded was that the whole theme was in 1 (one) file! If you know anything about theming or style sheets, you know that is a horrible mess to manage. I did not notice that until I had been using the theme for a while. Then I did not want to change.

As I have been thinking about updating the theme in the future, I really needed to break this theme down into several documents and make it a proper theme. That has been done. Hopefully there is nothing that you will be able to notice in this change (yet). Everything should look and act exactly the same with the exception of the search box now serving results from Google.

I got my information about creating a custom search results page from another blogger who has a tutorial on generating a custom Google AdSense search page.

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