I almost killed a dog

Yesterday morning on my run I almost sent a little dog to the grave.

I was coming up to an intersection which had a dog sniffing through some trash. Apparently I run quiet enough that the dog could not hear me until I was right on it. When he saw me it scared him (no comments please). He took off running away from me, right under a VW Jetta. The Jetta tried to stop when the dog realized his plight and turned to run back towards me. Because of this, when the Jetta hit the dog with his tire, it just squeezed the dog out and to the side of the road. He jumped up and scurried off behind me. He looked to be fine.

While I am no great lover of dogs, I don’t want to see them killed or maimed in this way. Especially 3 feet away from me.

Of the dozens of dogs I see each run who are under no human care, this one was actually a nice looking Cocker Spaniel. Seemed to be well groomed and fed. It was by no means a pure bred dog, but it did appear to be someone’s pet.

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