What am I paying $13 for?

LetterI have not been to the mailbox in 3 weeks or more. Today I went to see what kind of loot might be waiting for me. Sometimes I will get birthday cards and such from some of our supporting churches. There are unexpected gifts that come. Sometimes I have to pay custom’s fees, but they are gifts none the less.

Today I went with hopes of having a mailbox full of stuff.

One measly letter. It was the financial report from our mission board. All the information in that envelope was sent to me 2 months ago via email.

I pay $13 a year for the privilege of getting old financial statements?

Maybe someone can send me a postcard. I guess I just have to give you my address so you can.

4 thoughts on “What am I paying $13 for?”

  1. I have had little luck getting anything else through the mail. Microphones, sound cards and books have never arrived. I doubt you could even get a Diet Dr Pepper to make it through customs without being stolen.

    On the other hand, the things that end up costing me a boatload of money on import taxes make it through. Hmmm. I sense a scam.

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