10.5% CTR. Hmm.

The company that I am using to make money by writing sponsored posts, PayPerPost, has recently done a study on the average CTR (Click Through Rate) of their advertisers and bloggers. This included 48,000 of them!

The results showed that there is more than a 10% CTR through this form of advertising. In other words (as I understand it), for every 100 people who visit a sponsored blog posting, such as this one, more than 10 of them will click through to the advertiser. That is a pretty high number.

In their article they state that their advertising through another popular ad campaign has been only .5 to 1.5% CTR. That is a huge difference in effectiveness. In my own experience with another campaign I have only seen a .3% Click Through Rate–even lower than theirs. This means that the CTR for PayPerPost is quite high. I am not sure though what the CTR of my sponsored posts would be. I am sure PPP knows, but that is not a statistical feature that I am privy to.

My questions to you are: Have you clicked through to the advertisers that I have written about? Have you bought anything from them?

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