Hitting the road

Mom and baby runningOur daughter asked me to take her running with me yesterday. After I finished my run I took her with me for a run around the block. We ran close to 1/4 mile. She is only three years old. While she was ready to go around again, I did not want to wear her out over it.

Today I did not have a run scheduled. She begged me to take her running again. While I would have taken her myself, my wife was going out for a walk today. I asked if she would take our daughter for a run. And, like yesterday, she said she would do it at the end of her walk.

As soon as my wife left the house our daughter had a break down. Mommy went walking without her. She cried almost the whole time that my wife was gone. She wanted to go running and Mommy didn’t take her.

I finally got her consoled enough that she knew she could go running with Mommy.

They went out for their run together around the block. I think I have a new running partner.

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  1. My 9 year old is a lot less interested. But, he does run with me sometimes. I am going to try and get a group together to run the Phedippidations 5K in October. I will work on getting him “race” ready for that.

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