Are you digital yet?

I bought a new camera when we were in the US. Our old camera was being fritzy. This new one cost just $100, though I realize that it is not a high end machine. I did not have time to really research out a camera like I am wont to do. Also, I did not have a lot of money available for the project.Samsung 630s

Since I will probably buy a much better camera at a later time, this camera fulfills my desire to have a small, low cost camera that I can take running with me as well as be a great camera to keep handy at all times. I looked at some of the Nikon digital cameras that are available. Especially the smaller compact ones. I like that they use standad SD cards as opposed to a proprietary system like Fuji or Sony.

The Samsung camera won out because it fits all the requirements I had set forth in a previous post. The only rule I broke when buying this camera is that I bought a 2 GB memory card with it. The card only cost $20 and was just $2 more than a 512 MB card. Though that card will hold 600+ pictures at this camera’s best quality, I think it would be foolish to put that many on there. I like to pull the pictures off my camera as soon as possible. I rarely have more than 20 pictures on there before I dump them to the computer, unless I am out to something special for the day and I take a 100 shots or so. But then they get moved to the computer as soon as I can that evening. In the old days if you lost a roll of film to a tragedy, you lost fewer than 40 pictures at the most. If you filled up a card with 600 pictures and had a tragedy, it would be much more devastating. I would encourage anyone to shy away from having your large memory cards maxed out.

I recently saved 253 pictures for a lady who’s memory card got corrupted. It was really just dumb luck that I was able to do so. I was sick about the whole thing because she is someone who highly values her pictures, but has fallen into the trap of buying 1 and 2 GB memory cards and filling them up just because they are cheap.

Digital is becoming much less expensive today. You can get a fairly good quality camera for $100. There is really no reason to do without. With digital you can shoot as many pictures as you like without any further cost. With digital the cost is all up front. When shooting film the cost of the camera is cheaper, but you never stop paying for the privilege to shoot.

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