Alan Webb 1 mile video

Alan Webb broke the American record two weeks ago for the 1 mile race. He did it in 3:46:91.

I saw a video of it yesterday. Even though I knew he was going to break the record, I still got caught up in the excitement and emotion of the commentators.

There is a hi resolution version and a low resolution version of the video. It took a while for the hi-res to load in, but that is the one I watched. Apparently many people are having trouble getting it to work. So the low-res may work better for you.

This video is done by a company called Flocasts. They do videos for a couple of different types of sporting events. Their FloTrack division covers track and field. Just buzzing around the site, it looks like they have training programs and such. I have just seen a few videos from them. They do a good job with those. From what I understand, they are doing the filming themselves. They are not pulling news feeds.

Even if you are not into track, it is really neat to watch him break the record at a very small track meet.

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