“I’m weady to go wunning”

Road ID Wrist IDAs I was putting on my Road ID this morning to go for a tempo run, I was reminded of a story that happened a couple of weeks ago at camp.

We were using colored wrist bands for all the campers to separate everyone into teams. Everyone had a bracelet, even our 3 year old daughter. One day she got up in the morning and after getting dressed she declared, “I have my shoes and my bwacelet. I’m weady to go wunning.”

That is what she sees me do when I go running. I get my shoes on and look for my Road ID (that she often hides) so I can go out for my run.

Nothing escapes their observation.

I got turned on to the Road ID through the Run to Win website.

2 thoughts on ““I’m weady to go wunning””

  1. I think it is well worth the $20 with the hopes that it will never be used. That is a much better deal than the insurance I am paying for.

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