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Road Runner Sports logoI got a pleasant email from the manager at the Road Runner Sports store I was in last week. This is a follow up to the post I wrote about my good experience there.

Turns out, the manager was the other lady that helped me with my shoe fitting! She is the one who was writing down my suggestions about products they needed in the store.

Hi David,
Thank you for your kind words. I am very glad that “Mary” could help you in the store. I hope that you will continue to shop with us at our Costa Mesa location!

Thanks again, Linzee

They are moving from Anaheim to Costa Mesa. I am glad the move had not taken place yet. I would have been really frustrated had I been looking for the store and they did not exist. I did chat with a Road Runner salesperson on the Internet before going to that particular location. So I am confident they would have told me if the store was going to have been moved by the time I got there.

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