Beach cruiser bikes

Yellow beach cruiser bike Remember the old single speed bikes? I remember when a 10 speed was something special. Now I have an 18 speed bike that is rusted and not functioning properly, though I still ride it. But only 4 gears work. The derailers have de railed I guess.

Where we live, we see many single speed bikes, very much like the one pictured to the right. They are great for transportation or for when you want to enjoy the experience of the ride. Though, they are not so great for getting anywhere fast.

XYZ Bikes is making beach bikes. They are relatively inexpensive too. Between $95 and $115 (plus FedEx shipping). They are single speed bikes that are designed for enjoying the experience of a leisurely Sunday afternoon ride.

XYZ Bikes is located in California, but sell exclusively over the Internet. Therefore, when you buy your bike, you are not paying overhead for the retail space. That should help them be able to keep their costs down in the future. They look like they are just getting started. There are only a handful of models, but it looks as if they have others ready for production.

Give them a look and see if you might be interested in a beach cruiser bike. I would suspect that no one would fault you for not living near the beach if you bought one of these.

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  1. I remember the 3speed bikes. I don’t remember if there was such a thing as a 2 speed or not. But even so, those old bikes sure bring back the memories.

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