The Peach Preaching Team

Last night we went to a church that we had visited once before. This is the church where the landlord of our house attends. Our church services end earlier than most on Sundays afternoons, therefore we can visit other churches.

When we visited before, the church had asked if I would preach last night. I was glad to do so. The service went well.

After we got all packed up and ready to head home, I asked our 9 year old son how his class went. He said that he could not be an honest judge of that since he was the one who taught the class. They had someone in charge of the kids, but the teacher asked James if he would teach the class for the evening. So he did. He taught on the 10 plagues in Egypt. A story he had read earlier that day while reading his Bible.

He said that was the first time that has ever happened. He was a bit nervous.

I guess we are a preaching team now.

5 thoughts on “The Peach Preaching Team”

  1. I knew that he was learning from his dad. He will make a fine addition to your team. Dad, Mom, and son. Maybe your daughter will do so too.

  2. I guess he was. He said he was a bit nervous and that the other kids “didn’t know as much about the Bible and the story as they should have.” He said he had to spend a lot of time explaining the story more than just telling what happened.

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