Need blank media? is a site that sells every imaginable type of blank media you might need. Well, actually, I did not find any 3.5″, or 5.25″ floppies. But, besides that, I found storage media that I did not even know existed.

They sell MP3 players and media duplicators. I remember driving into Nashville once to pick up a load of music CDs that my company had duplicated. The machine cost thousands of dollars just 7 years ago. With the prices at Super Media Store, today our company could easily buy their own high end duplicator.

Need to store your media? They have DVD and CD storage boxes. You can buy plastic sleeves or paper envelopes and mailers. has many flash products as well. Currently they have a special on a 4GB USB flash drive with free shipping for $38.99 as a Father’s Day special. Not a no name either. It is a SanDisk drive.

In need of tonor or ink? They have Canon toner as well as many other brands available.

Check them out and see if they have the media you need for the price you want to pay.

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