Fruit Baskets

Have you ever had a good fruit basket? We have traveled for many years in our ministry and have had some scrumptious ones. And, we have had others that are not so great. The best ones were the professionally packaged ones. Occasionally you would get a good personally packed one, but those usually contained a lot of candy filler.

The Fruit Company has some wonderful looking baskets. The combination of fruits, sausages and cheeses (along with many other products) looks scrumptious. They have baskets starting at $35 and going up to over $300. Whatever your budget, they have a basket you can afford.

There are many opportunities to give a fruit basket. While you may not think of them as a day-to-day type gift, they do have their perfect moments.

When speaking in conferences I have often been given a fruit basket. It is a perfect gift, in that many of the contents can be consumed in the week of the conference. Even without the hosts knowing much about me and my family, they can take a safe guess that Fresh Fruit will be appreciated. And if I am not able to take the basket with me because of lack of space, my host or hostess always appreciates the basket as a gift back to them.

What about the “hard to buy for” person. I have a friend who, well into her 80s, would often talk about the fruit baskets that were given to her when she returned from a trip. She was one of these eccentric people who had everything she would ever want or need. Yet, she raved about the fruit basket gifts she received.

While this is not the type of gift you may give in every situation, you may want to consider a fruit basket from The Fruit Company the next time you need a special gift for an occasion. I know the recipient will be pleased.

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