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Meade mySKYThis new product from Meade allows you to get information about the stars and other celestial bodies simply by pointing the device towards the object.

It works with GPS to get your location and time, then knows where you are pointing the device to display the astronomical information on it’s small screen. Or, you can work the other direction. Pick the heavenly body from a list and tell the device you want to locate it in the sky. The mySKY will instruct you where to point the device which will then give you an idea as to where to look.

This can be used with Meade telescopes which allow for computer interface. Ultimately allowing the mySKY to point your telescope right at the object you are interested in.

With the audio feedback and the visual display, they claim that it is better than having your own personal astronomer standing beside you. Especially with its knowledge of over 30,000 nightsky objects!

It is available for pre-order right now for less than $400 from OpticsPlanet. Check out GearGalaxy for more information about the Meade mySKY as well as other great astronomy gear.

This would have been wonderful to have back 20 years ago when I was on trips with my school principal. He would always take us star gazing and point out interesting objects. No matter how much I tried to study on my own, I never could “one-up” him with my knowledge. Maybe when I see him again next year I will pack one of these out of sight.

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  1. It does sound cool. A few more $400 bills need to pass through my hands before I could purchase one though.

    Do you think Bro. Hartsfield would approve using such a handy crutch?

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