Running update

I have not talked about my running in a while. I am still out there pounding the pavement. This morning I really felt a need to get some miles in. Really, not for the sake of having the mileage, but for my preaching today. Occasionally when I feel like things are not well solidified in my mind, or my mind is crowded by a lot of extraneous emotions and events, the running brushes all that away.

I went out to run for an hour. I expected that would be close to 6 miles. I was a bit surprised when I got home and saw my pace was very close to 12 minutes per mile. So in the hour and three minutes I was out there, I only did 5.83 miles. But, the miles were not the important thing, it was getting on the road that I needed to do.

I am only running 3 days a week, unless I have a race. And, sometimes on race weeks I drop my long run for the sake of the race. I am doing a combo aerobic/weight training time 3 days a week as well. Football falls on my three running days. We practice on Tuesday and Thursday nights as well as play our games on Saturdays.

So did it work? Was the message God wanted me to bring more clearly presented? I believe it was.

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