How hard was I hit?

Last night I went to football practice. Hardly anyone was there. In total, there were only 5 who showed up. We take a few days to heal from things like Tuesday’s scrimmage game.

They were still asking me if I was OK. I assured them I was and I asked the coach why they kept asking. The coach and one other fellows’ eyes got big and they said “You got hit really hard Tuesday. Really hard.”

I remember getting taken out by a blocker, but did not feel it was that big of a deal at the time. They said that when I got hit and was flying backwards it was like in a movie where one guy gets picked up off the ground and thrown backwards onto his can. My feet went up and I went down. I got to thinking about it more this morning and I don’t actually remember what happened after I was hit. Now, I have slept since then, so that could explain it. But I remember seeing the lineman come at me with his block and remember feeling the blow, but I don’t remember hitting the ground or getting back up. Shortly after that I was replaced by one of our wide receivers who came in to play safety for me for a few plays.

So, maybe I was hit harder than I thought. My shoulder got banged up badly that night and I guess it came from that hit. The major road rash I have on my arm and knee came from the interception I caught and the resulting tackle.

The black and blue spots are starting to show up today.

2 thoughts on “How hard was I hit?”

  1. Sounds like you did got hit pretty hard… most of it must have been mental if you don’t have a lot physical pain. Although, if you got hit that hard it’s surprising that people weren’t telling you to be careful of a concussion.

  2. Maybe thats why your nurse mother has gotten a couple of telephone calls since that game. Maybe I should have gotten one about the head injury that you got.

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