Nice easy run

This morning I went out for my run. Normally on Saturday I do a long run (for me that means more than 6 miles). I am not entirely sure why I save it until Saturday. My work is mostly in the afternoon/evenings. I pretty much have total control of my mornings and can run for 2 hours just about any morning that I wish. But, I save it for Saturday none the less. There is considerably less traffic on Saturdays

Since I knew I would have a football scrimmage game today, I decided to make my run a short easy one. 5K at a slow pace should be around 10:20 for me. This one was 11:06. That was certainly slow.

Though it never really gets cold here, we still have a fairly dramatic Spring. This morning there were lots of trees in bloom. I have read several runners who state that their sense of smell is heightened while running. This is true for me as well. The trees smelled very nice.

Since it was 83 degrees on my run this morning, that also means that the dog “stuff” that was baking on the asphalt had a very strong smell.

One of the smells that I have come to enjoy while running is the smell put off by tortilla factories. We don’t have many on my current route. Only one. On the other side of town where we lived before, I could not do a run without running by 3 or more. They were plentiful over there. That is a nice smell. But, you can always feel the temp rise when running by one. The heat the machinery gives off is amazing. I can’t understand how people work in those places.

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