Livingstone episode at Missionary Talks

I am working on a very exciting episode of Missionary Talks. David LivingstoneI have not put out an episode for two weeks, but this one should make up for it. It is a short bio of the life of David Livingstone. If you are not familiar with him, you should check out his Wikipedia entry. In general, he was a very quirky personality and probably the kind of guy you could not stand being around too much, but he also did some amazing things. I am going to focus on the amazing things he did for the podcast.

At this point it looks like it will be close to 30 minutes or more in length. I will probably break it up into 2 episodes for the podcast and then have a single episode containing the whole thing that can be downloaded separately. This will keep the podcast within a close semblance of my normal episode length.

I have to get back to my regular arm twisting to get some other missionaries on board with doing some recordings. Starting next month I will begin to have contact with missionaries from different parts of Mexico. That should spice things up a bit. I still have 8 other missionaries here in town than I can interview, but I don’t want to saturate all my interviews with just this area. I am trying to spread the locals out a bit.

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