First football practice

I have been really interested in playing football this year, but kept getting conflicting information about when and where to meet for practice. I finally decided to give up on the hope of playing. That was until I went to a couple of games this weekend. I found out that there was a league for old guys like me. It is an arena league.Football

A friend of mine talked with his kid’s coach and got all the info for me. I was to show up at 8:00 tonight ready to practice. As always, no one else showed up until 15 minutes late and then the majority of people weren’t there until 8:30. But such is life here.

Everyone asked me what position I played when I last did play (20 years ago in high school). Since I was always the heaviest kid in school, I played both offensive and defensive lines. I am definitely not the heaviest person on this team. In fact, there were probably only 2 smaller than me. They stuck me in the defensive backfield as the safety. That is a position I have never played based on my size and lack of speed.

I don’t know that I will stay at safety, but it was fun playing there tonight. I have always enjoyed defense and this is a position that, though you don’t get to bang heads every play, is very important. Maybe I can hone my skills at it and make it my position.

Next practice is Friday.

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