Ever hear of Vedic Math?

I have always been a lover of math. But, I have never enjoyed memorizing stuff just for the sake of memorization. Therefore, I am not very fast at math. Most who know me and know my fascination with playing with numbers and finding new ways to add, subtract, multiply and divide will probably be surprised to know that I don’t have the times table memorized. I know a few numbers by memory. I just work out the rest.

Recently I have been on a quest to renew my algebra skills. Though I used to be very good with algebra (I am quite skilled with thinking through things logically), I have forgotten many of the rules for how to work with algebraic notation.

ProBlogger is running a contest where people write a blog posting using a “top 5” list. It can be about anything. I was reading some of the entries so far.

One of the ones that caught my eye was about the benefits of “Mental Math.” Interestingly the article had nothing to do with the benefits of it, but did give 6* methods of learning and working out math. The blogger’s list included:

Learning by Heart–rote memorization
The Abacus
The Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art–a Chinese method
Trachtenberg Speed System of Mathematics
Kumon Math Method
High Speed Vedic Mathematics

Hmm, makes me wonder. There are 6* methods listed. So does the blog poster’s method work when this is supposed to be a top 5 list? Their favorite is the Vedic system. Interestingly enough, it is a whole blog about that system. So, it seems a little skewed and understandable why they would say disparaging things about the other systems.

Nonetheless, it is the first time I have seen anything about it and I think I will pursue it a bit.

*Update: According to the original poster’s comments, he lumps the abacus and the other Chinese method together as 1 system.

3 thoughts on “Ever hear of Vedic Math?”

  1. Hello,
    I am the author of that article on Benefits of Mental Methods and discussed the several methods.

    Thanks for your article-I loved it that you are taking an analytical view of what I said.

    I have studied all the systems which it mentioned deeply and have come to the conclusion that Vedic Math Works Better than the other mentioned methods.

    Also I have clubbed the Abacus & the Chinese Mathematical Art as it from the same culture and it has some small similarities while calculating.Thats why I said 5 and submitted to the problogger contest.

    The article mentions the advantages and the disadvantages of each method and when compared the Vedic system easily takes the cake.

    If you want a more detailed picture do let me know I shall be happy to provide them to you, I would have loved to include them in the article but it was beyond the scope.

    Best Regards

  2. Thanks for your response. I will update the posting to reflect your lumping of the 2 Chinese methods. I will be reading your websites to get an idea of the material and will certainly contact you with further questions.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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