Running in Tampico

I have run in the city of Tampico before. This week I remembered something that I thought was humorous before, and it still is.

Each taxi that comes by they have to honk their horn to see if I want a ride. I guess I could understand that if I were standing on the street or walking. But, running?

One of the intersections I ran through this morning on my 3 mile run was interesting. The sewers were full from the heavy rains the night before. There were geysers coming out of the man-hole covers. During the night last night there was one man-hole cover right outside of my window that kept getting pushed up by the water and then falling back down and making that neat clanging and rolling around sound. At least, it is a neat sound in the middle of the day when you are not trying to sleep.

One other interesting thing about here is that the streets are concrete and not asphalt. That is not really fun to run on.

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  1. Ok, maybe sewer was not the right word. I should have said the water drainage system. I hope it was not actually the sewer system.

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